Published Books

  • "A Systems Approach to Energy in India and its Rural Region" published in "Spatial Energy Analysis" (Eds.) L. Lundquist et al, Avebury, Gower Publishing Company Ltd.  Aldersholt  (England) in 1989. (co-authored with Satsangi P.S. and Thukral K.)
  • Contributed the chapter on “Energy” in “India: Development Policy Alternatives” edited by Vijay L. Kelkar and V. V. Bhanoji Rao (Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd., N. Delhi, 1996)
  • Contributed the chapter on “Quality of Government Expenditure” in “Fiscal Policies and Sustainable Growth in India” edited by Edgardo M. Favaro and Ashok K. Lahiri. New Delhi, Oxford University Press, 2004. (Based on a paper presented at a conference organized by the World Bank)
  • Contributed a chapter on IT & Good Governance in “The State, IT and Development” ed. By Bagga R.K., Kenniston Kenneth & Mathur Rohit R: Sage Publications (2005)
  • Contributed a chapter in “South Asia at a Crossroads: Conflict or Cooperation in the Age of Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense, and Space Rivalries” edited by Subrata Ghoshroy and Dr.Gotz Neuneck, Nomos (2010)

  • Authored "Will the sparrow ever return?", a documentation of real life experiences of ecological degradation and loss of people's livelihoods in India. The book is published through this website

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