Energy Policy for India (See latest attachment on "Negawatts and Green Megawatts")

This is a compendium of letters/ articles that have a direct and indirect bearing on India's future options on energy. India can no longer pursue an energy strategy based largely on coal and oil, as coal projects displace the people and pollute the surroundings, while enhanced oil use further increases India's dependence on imports from localised sources in the middle east, with the accompanying stress on its foreign policy options and an increasing demand on its limited foreign exchange resources. India's present plans to expand its nuclear power sector are fraught with potential risks and costs, as revealed earlier by the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, and now Fukushima. Necessarily, the first priority of energy planning in India should be on energy demand management and efficiency improvements down the line. The next on the agenda should be to go in for renewables in an environmentally benign and people-friendly manner. "Negawatts", not new megawatts, are the need of the hour. India should be bold enough to place an embargo on nuclear power and move away from its corruption ridden and people-unfriendly policy of allowing merchant power projects on a large scale.

In a way, at the conceptual level, the economy should grow on the least resource-intensive trajectory. Development, as a process, should be determined by the people, not imposed from above. This is the central theme of the set of papers attached here. 

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